Thursday, April 30, 2009

Traveling to Seattle, Tennis, Run, African Food

I woke up at 5:30 to go to the airport. We had to leave by 5:40. As soon as the alarm went off I was up like a spring. I went right out to the couch were Jeff was sleeping and he was shocked that I was up and dressed and it was 5:42. We made it to the airport with plenty of time. The only bummer was that I had made us breakfast to eat (one bagel with cream cheese for me and one with pb for Jeff). I went to open it up and I had grabbed the wrong bag so I had bagels with nothing on them. I was very disappointed. Oh well, we bought some supplementary food. We boarded the plane 15 minutes late which was concerning because we only had a half an hour layover. However, I fell asleep before we even were off the ground so I didn’t worry about it. Apparently we were taxing and waiting for a long time. Jeff was sure we were going to miss our connecting flight. When we arrived we it was 9:47 and our flight departed at 9:55. Jeff had talked to the flight attendant and gotten our gate number and they let us move to the front of the plane so we could get off first. We sprinted off the plane to our new plane. The flight attendant was saying “hurry hurry! We are closing the door!” We got on just in time to sit down before the plane was rolling back…FEW!! On the plane we watched the movie Yes Man. It was pretty hilarious. It made the time go by fast. When we got in my mom picked us up and we went home. We had a good lunch and Jeff and I went to the park to play Tennis. The score ended up being 3-6 (me with the 3) We had some great plays though. The weather was beautiful. We then went thome and changed into running clothes and ran around Seward Park and up in the trails. It was sooo great to run something besides the Chicago Lakefront! We went back and showered and hung out with my mom for a few minutes. My dad had a work meeting so my Mom, Jeff, and I went out to dinner at a little African restaurant on Rainier Ave. It was very interesting. There was some sort of party going on with everyone dressed in traditional African outfits. The service was slow but the food was great. We ate family style. There was a chicken dish with rice and cabbage, a lamb dish with couscous, and a vegetable dish with a peanut sauce. My favorite was the couscous. It had a mustard sauce that I really liked. The chicken was very moist also. I love going to places that I can try new flavors. We went home and caught up with the family a bit and planned the next day. We found out the bridge to the Dungenous Spit was closed so our previous plans were impossible. We decided to go to Northwest Trek instead. We had some pie and ice cream with my dad. Ahh…feels good to be home.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bible Study with a bonus (aka- Jeff :)

Today Jeff came into Chicago. His train came in around the same time that I got into work. He started to walk towards me and I scooted towards him. It was really funny because I turned the corner at a high rate of speed and there was Jeff! I almost ran into him! Then we walked home. When we got home we went for a short run through Lincoln Park. We got back and a made a new recipe called Spring Baked Ziti and we had some wine. We both thought it was pretty good. Then Paul Rollet picked us up for Bible Study. It was fun to have Jeff at Bible Study with me. It felt like a normal night except better in all ways. It made me wish that Jeff lived in Chicago instead of 4 hours away.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Race Volunteer and Dirty Money

Today was anther early morning. I agreed to volunteer at the Ravenswood 5k (a Fleet Feet sponsored race). I told Mark that I could volunteer but needed to leave by 10AM for Church. This meant I was put on the 6:30-9:45 shift. The race was 4 miles from my house so there was no way I was going to by 2 dollars when it was a run-able distance. When I got to the race I was given an orange tshirt and told to set up the water station. This was fun…first you make a HUGE thing of Gatorade- 10 gallons of water to 2 gallons of Gatorade concentrate. Then you line up a whole table with cups stacked as close as possible. Then you get to do something that you would never do on a table you owned- you get to pour Gatorade over the table (the cups are so close together that you really don’t get any on the table but it is still pretty fun). Then it is even MORE fun! You get cardboard and cover up the cups with the Gatorade and start the next tier. The thing I was worried about was that we were going to have way to much! I thought it was going to be wasteful because, honestly- who drinks Gatorade on a 5k?---surprisingly-THE MAJORITY!!! See, this was a great experience for me because I didn’t know what happens behind me in the 5k. It is so great. There are little kids which there parents, people just trying to run the whole 5k, then there are people who are just trying to walk the whole thing without stopping. Anyway, I can’t even count the number of people who thanked me for volunteering, and thanked me for the Gatorade. How much fun!

While I was at the race Mark gave me a 300 dollar check for prize money from the Shamrock Shuffle. I didn’t have pockets and my bag looked the same as everyone else (says Fleet Feet Racing on it) so I thought I would stuff it in my shorts to keep it safe. Then Holly and I went home with a girl that goes to our church to change for church and then she was going to drive us to church. I went to the bathroom to change into pants. When we arrived at church I went to my bag and realized I didn’t have my check!! I felt sick to my stomach. I thought back and thought- hopefully it fell out when I changed and I didn’t notice. I asked the girl that drove me to church if she could call back and check with her husband (not church goer) to see if it was in the bathroom. She came back laughing. I said what is it. “Well the good news is that your check was in the bathroom. The bad news is that it was in the toilet. The worse news is that my husband thought it was junk (it was in an envelope) and didn’t want to get it out so he though he would pee on it to make it sink and then try to flush it down. However, even after peeing on it, it did not go down. So he figured that he would wait for his me (his wife) to get it out.” So now I have a soggy, peed on-check!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Death March

Today I woke up super early to get to the CARA lakefront 10 miler. I knew it was a bad sign that I was hot waiting for the bus and it was dark out. It was so muggy feeling. I got to the race about an hour ahead of time which was really a bit too early because I didn’t feel like I needed to warm up much for a 10 mile race. The race started out fast but really it was the pace I wanted to run. I wanted to run 6:05’s (ended up running 6:25’s). I honestly thought I could do that. However, after 2 miles at that pace I knew it wasn’t going to work. The air seemed hard to breath and my legs felt heavy (besides the fact that we had a 30 mph SSW wind) I ran with a group of guys for awhile and they kept saying “do you know everyone in Chicago?” because people were cheering for me all along the way. Paul Rollet came to cheer, Line ran down to cheer at the spot close to where we live, my friend Rob from work came to cheer, then a bunch of random people that I semi-know. They all really made me feel special during the race. Apart from that-it was a DEATH MARCH yep- I knew that it was not going to be fun once I realized I wanted to stop after 4 miles. It doesn’t help when you know you aren’t going to run a fast time. The good news was that everyone had to run in those conditions. I ended up getting second and getting a great deal of prize money!
I went home and ate a ton of food so then I had to go grocery shopping to get more for the week. After I got groceries I went to Ace Hardware and bought a pot. Our Aloe Plants at work are getting to big for their small pot. When I got back I decided to decorate the planter….how else than with my works logo!
I talked to Jeff some. He took the boards today. He was chilling at home and going to have dinner with his family. It was good to hear that everything went okay and now he has that big test behind him. I will get to see him really soon!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Prefontaine

Today was a long good day. After work I went to the track. We had a track workout. It was called the Pre because apparently this was his favorite workout. It is kind of a people pleaser workout...the fast people get to do fast and the long people get to do long. The workout was 800 meters at 5k race pace, then 10 minutes on the trails at tempo pace, then 800 at 5k, then 10 minutes at tempo, then 800 at 5k race pace. I ran with Line. We are such a good combo. It worked out that we ran the 800's with Lisa also because Line and I ran much faster on the 10 minutes but it was an out and back so we would just catch Lisa when we were getting to the track in time to start the 800's. There were no rests in this workout (straight from track-path-track-path-track) I thought this workout was really fun. Unfortuantly on the train ride back I could tell I was getting tight. I might be alittle sore. I am getting even sadder that Line will be leaving soon. She was cute on the train. I was asking her about the governement system and she said "I don't understand socialist government- isn't it just sharing?" Her taxes are over 50% in her country.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cooking Class

Went to a cooking class at Whole Food's today. It was fun but I don't think I will ever make such expensive dishes.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Race That's Good for Life

Morning came too early but once I had some food and coffee I was wide awake. I woke Kelly up 15 minutes before we had to leave so she could sleep as long as possible. Holly’s husband Darrell drove us to the race. Holly and I warmed up together. I was race number 303. I didn’t know I needed to register as an Elite to get into the front Corral. Fortunately, Holly knew the race director and marched me over there and told the race director I was going to win and needed to be in the front. He told me he would put me in the front but I wasn’t going to win because there was a really fast girl in the race. The start of the race went out pretty fast and I was nervous because I was holding onto 10th place at mile one! Then by the 1.5 there was only 3 of us. I made an aggressive move around a turn to pace the second girl in blue. Diemer always said to accelerate into the turns because most people put on the breaks when turning. He was definitely right because just going around the turn accelerated me neck and neck with first. This was sweet because we were right behind the van that was video taping the race. I could hear the race commentary. It was saying Overbeck is pulling up to Dewald. This is going to be an exciting race. Overbeck is one step ahead of Dewald, oh but Dewald is pulling ahead of Overbeck! Overbeck is fighting back. They are side by side. There is no telling who is going to win! She ended up out kicking me down by 3 second. It was exciting though and my road race time was my best time (on roads not track) except for the footzone 5k which prides itself on being the fastest 5k race. After the race we stuck around for the awards. I got a one hundred dollar bill and Chris Vandenburg (Jon Gries’ roommate) got second in his age group in the Clydesdale A division (over 180 pounds). Gries and Holly both got second in their age group as well. After the awards we went back to my house and everyone showered. We then all went to lunch at a little French restaurant that I like called Bistro Zinc. It was really good. Then they left and I went home and took a nap. I woke up and found out that the Cubs game I had tickets for that night at 7PM was canceled due to the rain (it had been raining all day). Bummer. It was a great day though.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wheaton Track Meet (Alums watch Calvin)

Today I slept in until 9:30. If felt great. Lynn Marsh drove up from Purdue to come watch Calvin at the Wheaton Meet. Lynn got into Chicago around 11AM. I was waiting outside for her. I was met by a very stressed out Lynn. I haven’t done much city driving myself and Lynn is from a town that has one stop sign. She thought Grand Rapids was a huge city. Anyway, I guess the driving was pretty stressful. Mel Vandenberg also met outside my place and we all headed on our way to Wheaton. We stopped at subway for lunch and then continued to the meet. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Sunny and 65 degrees. It was really fun to see everyone. Those Calvin girls are sure sweet girls. They all made me feel so loved by there excitement to see me and interest in what I was up to. I had a great time watching the races. The highlight was the men’s 5k. Jed was a mad man. Seriously- I have never seen anything like this. The men’s race started at a sprint. They were out in 4:30 miles. The last lap Jed ran in 59 seconds. That is a sprint! He finished in a time of 14:23 crushing the school record and far below automatic national qualifying. Another highlight was Bergstrom running the 3000. She had a 200 meter lead within the first lap. She turned to us and said “Did I go out too fast?” We didn’t know what to say. She kept it up though and finished it well. It put her 3rd on the all-time list. I got to run a few miles with Lynn on the prairie path. I learned more about her time at Purdue in speech pathology. She has it really tough right now with school. She has 14 credit hours (which is a lot in grad school), 10 clinical hours, plus a job that pays for her school but requires 30 hours of work a week. I have no idea how she pulls it off! She knows she has to drop something but needs to work to pay for school. I got to talk to Calah who is going to be in Vietnam working with the Mennonite World Relief. Anne Fennema hears back from Teach of America today. Kelly is going to Med School at Michigan State. Jon Gries is moving to Jordon to teach missionary kids for a year. Kristen Haugsma just accepted a job in Palos Heights (a suburb of Chicago) to teach high school physics and math. I am pretty proud of all my friends using there talents in such unique and cool ways! After the race we went to dinner (at 10:30PM) at Krista’s (a girl on the team). We then drove back to Chicago. Lynn ended up staying with Mel and Kelly Edwards stayed with me. Jon Gries and I were doing a 5k the next day so it made since that Lynn stay with Mel and sleep in and go to church with Mel. Kelly was coming to the race with me (did I mention she is dating Gries – they are perfect! ) We went right to sleep when we got back (it was around 1:30)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lactic Acid build up in the brain

Today was another hard and long day of work. I learned that the lights at work don’t turn on until after 6:15. I did make it to Fleet Feet for some track fun though. It was our first track workout (instead of parking lot of hill workout). The workout was called ins and outs. You run 3 miles alternating 200s from 5kish pace to 2seconds slower than the 5kish 200 meters. So it ends up feeling like a yoyo because you are alternating paces every 200 for 3 miles. I ran the workout with Kalina and Lisa and it took us 20 minutes. They kept telling me I could speed up if I wanted and not to let them slow me down. However, I didn’t want to go faster. To be honest, I had fun, but I didn’t feel as springy as normal. I think the problem was that Kalina was having trouble with her split function so she was giving a cumulative time. Therefore, I was trying to do metal math the whole time to figure out what the splits were but 200’s don’t give you much time to do the math until the next one starts. Doing math while I ran wasn’t the kind of mental break I wanted. The problem was that I had to do the math because since we were changing paces so frequently, I couldn’t get into a rhythm to go by feel. So I guess to summarize, it was good to see my friends but I think I was just tired from work. How do you massage your brain? I need a brain massage- my brain is filled with lactic acid : )

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Work Storm

Today was work, work, work. Report is due Wednesday. I got to work at 6AM and didn’t leave until 6:30. When I left I just went home and took a shower and then I continued to work on my report. I learned that tactic from college. Whenever you need a break- take a shower. Not the most environmental solution but it always works for me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Date Coffee Muffins

I made these muffins tonight. I highly recommend them!

1 cup coffee
1 cup chopped dates
1tsp baking soda
1 T butter
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1.5 cups whole wheat flour

Preheat oven to 325. Mix hot coffee, dates, and baking soda. Let this soak while preparing rest of muffins (but do not let it soak for more than 10 minutes

In separate bowl, mix the remaining ingreadients. Fold in coffee/date mixture. Pour into muffin tins. Cook for about 35 min.

So delicious! very moist. The recipe actually called for a cup of sugar but I didn't put it in and it was plenty sweet because the dates are very sweet.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Up from the grave He arose!

I woke up on Easter to a cheerful Jeff with Starbucks cups in his hand. He said “Good morning!” I looked at him and said- “Where did you get the Starbucks cups? Actually, how did you make coffee? You don’t have a coffee maker.” He looked at me confused and said, “I bought you coffee girly.” Aww, how sweet. He had left and went to Starbucks without me hearing him leave the apartment. Usually I hear him walking around. He told me how it is funny when he goes to coffee shops because he doesn’t normally drink coffee. The people before him spout off something like “single, tall, extra hot, no whip, latte” and then it is his turn and he says “umm..well I want a medium and well what do you recommend?.” I can just picture him catching the barista off guard from scribbling different orders as fast as she could on cups to having someone ask a question. Anyway, back to Easter: I got ready for church as Jeff made some cinnamon toast in the oven and cut up some apples for breakfast (yep that’s my boyfriend J.) Then we headed to Church. At church I once again was caught of guard at how many Crawfords there really are. I mean, we had a whole row! There was Scott, Suzie, Krista, Caitlyn, Ryan (boyfriend), me, Jeff, Mrs. C, Mr, C, and Granny in our row (in that order). It was weird because we just happened to sit in age order. The Church service was really good. The three points were “find out”, “fear not”, and crap- don’t remember the third. He used some good CS Lewis quotes. I liked how he talked about how God welcomes investigation. He wants us to go “find out” what the evidence. Do your home work and see what you think! I like that because I sometimes think people think that Christians have to be dumb sheep that blindly follow Jesus.
After Church we stayed around to talk to some people. I don’t know if I trust Jeff’s old Sunday school teacher who said he was always so obedient (he strikes me as the type of little kid that would always be getting himself in trouble but then charming the teacher out of getting in trouble).
We left Church and went to Jeff’s parents. There we sat and talked and I learned some funny things. Like how Jeff and his sister Caitlyn used to compare leg hair lengths. Haha. We were waiting on the boys who were in Sunday school. Jeff’s dad was teaching Scotts class.
When they got home we took some pictures and then changed into normal clothes. It was a nice day so we played basketball and baseball.
We also had an Easter egg hunt. There were different things hidden with our names on them. I got shirt from gap, some socks, and a big bag of peanut M&M’s (along with some other little candies).
This post is getting to long- we had a good meal- I left for Chicago- The end.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ann Arbor

I woke up to sunshine! It was a beautiful day. I made some pancakes with strawberries and whip cream and ate them on the roof deck looking out at the city. A couple hours later I left to meet Holly for a run. She was going to start running south from her house and I was going to start running north from my house so we would meet in the middle and run with each other for a little bit. It was nice to talk and enjoy the good weather together on a pre-Easter run. When I got back I showered, ate, packing for Ann Arbor, and left for the Megabus at 1PM. (If you haven’t heard of the Megabus it is awesome- if you plan ahead you can get a ticket for 1 dollar!)

The trip went really well and I got into Ann Arbor 30 minutes early! Jeff picked me up in the Vibe and I had forgotten that he had a Boards Beard. I was so shocked because it was so red. He really is more of a strawberry blond than I realized. Anyways that was a side note. Jeff pulls the beard look off quite well. We went straight to Mama’ Rosa’s. We found this great little Pizza place with our friends Chris and Andrea post rock climbing and pre bird watching (that was another great day). I had found a coupon for a 6 dollar large pizza. It always tastes even better when you get a good deal. We got spinach and roasted red peppers as our topping but they ran out of red peps so we ordered hot peppers ( I felt like weak sauce because Jeff handled the spice better than I did. I usually pride myself on a good tolerance to spice and a Midwesterner beat me :). We went down to the river and popped the hatch back and sat in the trunk and ate our pizza as we watched the sun go down. It was so nice to be with each other after 5 weeks apart. Jeff, as usual made friends with at least 5 strangers who were also at the river. One particularly weird one was a man who took his cat on bike rides (ya I know- Jeff and I are still mystified at exactly how the cat stays on the bike). Some old ladies told us that there was a house near where we were eating that was part of under ground railroad. We went back to Jeff’s and had some ice cream. It was a great day.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Tonight I went to a Good Friday service at my church. It was a really good service. Good Friday services always make me feel a bit sad and reflective. The good news is I only have to wait until Sunday to feel better.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Maundy Thursday

Today I went to a Maundy Thursday service at my Church. The Service started at 6:30. I ended up at a table with a Calvin Nursing Graduate, a Wheaton Bio-chem major, a Lady that grew up in the Congo and now is a physical therapist, a African American lady who was a nurse in Costa Rica her whole life, and a man that was a Civil Engineer in the power industry. Very cool table if you ask me. I had quite a few connections (I went to Calvin, Jeff is a bio-chem major, I had an Aunt that lived in Costa Rica, and I am an engineer in the power industry). The service was a lot of singing, responsive reading, communion, simple meal of soup and bread, and hand washing. At the end we carried the cross from the building we had the service in to the church (about a block). This was hard work! I didn’t realize Jesus was so buff. How the heck did he carry that cross all by himself?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fleet Feet Fartlek

Today I had SOO much fun. I was in cloud nine. It is Wednesday which is Fleet Feet workout day. We were all wondering what the workout was because the schedule said Figure 8. Ends up it was a Fartlek (means speed play in Swedish). I love these. It was a figure 8 loop with a big hill in the middle. So you were to go at a tempo pace and then work it up the hill, relax down the hill, stride out on the straight and keep doing the figure 8 for 30 minutes. Line, Calina, and Lisa started together. After about 5 minutes it was clear that Line and I should split from Calina and Lisa. Line and I ran together for 15 minutes and it was great to feel like we were working it together. She said she needed to take a break after 15 so I continued on. (To her credit- she is a 2:08 800 meter runner so this was a long workout for her. She kicks my butt in 200 repeats). The last 15 minutes I ran by myself enjoying the bounding feeling of climbing the hill and the feel of the wind blowing my hair back on the down hill. I liked running on all the different surfaces: dirt, grass, woodchips, cement, gravel. I guess it probably doesn’t sound like very much fun but I wouldn’t have rather done anything else!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Play, Eat, Work, Eat, Work, Play, Eat, Play = great day

Today was jam-packed. I woke up early to go to Yoga. This was a different class than I did last time and I liked. There were a lot of strength and balance holds. I figured I should try it because it is free to people on the Fleet Feet running team.
After that I went to work. It was a typical work day except that I had a lunch training meeting from 11-1.

I left work at 5PM was home by 5:20 and left for a run at 5:30. I ran into my friend Line (pronounced Lina) so we ran together. She is from Norway but is studying at UIC. She leaves in a couple months and I will miss her. It is really fun to learn how the US is different than Norway and to get her perspectives on things. The school system is really different over there. There are no sports teams for schools. Everyone runs for Companies. People run at any age for the companies so you have 12 year olds and 40 year olds on the same team. (that was just one of the many things I learned)

Anyway, when I got back I quick showered and started cooking. Mel Vandenberg was coming over for dinner. We had a nice time catching up over dinner. I learned more about genetic counseling. Sounds like an interesting occupation. Mel left around 9 and then I cleaned up and read in bed until about 10:15. I was exhausted but had to wait until my 12 your non-drowsy pseudoephed wore off in order to go to sleep. (I have a bad cold)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Church Potluck, Shopping, and Jeff's Accident...

Today was my favorite Sunday of the month- Church Potluck! Everyone goes all out at Lasalle for Potluck. You don’t even know where to start. I got a kick out of Darrell who decided to bring his salad in zip lock bags. That way he said people would have more room on their plates. It was fun to catch up with church people. Dave shared his great idea of starting a bookstore/bar where you pair beers to different books. I thought it was a great idea but apparently he found out it already exists in Chicago :(

After church I decided to go shopping and try to find something for Easter. I went to Ann Taylor, Express, Gap, Forever 21, and JCrew. Three hours later with no shopping bags I defeated-ly started to walk back. Then I decided to take a peak into Urban Outfitters (which is usually really expensive.) I found a dress that I liked a liked and it was on sale. I am going to start shopping there more often because it fits well and it is my style of stuff. Then I went back and talked to Jeff for a few hours. It was good to catch up as the poor kid has been studying 24-7. Well, actually I should share that Jeff did a bike race before church today. He called me as he was taking care of his injures. Yep-injures. They go around in this little track and then when it is the last lap (it lasts about 30 minutes) they all sprint as hard as they can to win. This one idiot tried to pass people in the middle of the pack (you are supposed to go on the outside). The guy caught someone else and they both fell. That was right in front of Jeff so Jeff ran over the guy and then fell himself. His hip and arm are pretty beat up. He is lucky he didn’t break something! I am glad he is okay. This was his first track bike race but I have a feeling it will not be his last :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toney's Untra, Sushi, March Madness, and Settlers

Today was a busy day. I left at 10AM to find Toney to run with her for some of her Ultra Marathon. They do 3 sets of 10 miles. Holly was going to run with her from mile 10-20 and I was going to run with her for mile 15-25. The route was changed so I had a hard time finding her but I did end up finding her and ran with Toney until the finish. Toney got first place! She did great. She averaged right under 8 minute miles for 30 miles! I don’t know how she did it! Afterwards, Holly and I went to get something to eat and then I headed home…by this time it was 1PM.

Tyler and Jenny arrived for the Sushi/MarchMadness/ and Settler’s party at 4:45. The basketball game started at 5 so Tyler wanted to make sure he saw the start. There was a moment of panic when it appeared that I didn’t have the channel. Thank goodness we found it because Tyler was about to head across the street to a sports bar :) Lisa, Tyler, Jesse, Paul, and Mark arrived shortly after. The Michigan State game was a close game so it was fun to watch.

Everyone enjoyed the sushi making. I got a big kick out of the guys because they insisted on making “Man Sushi”. These Sushi’s were about the size of a big Burrito! They weren’t the prettiest but I guess they work well for big appetites haha. People were less interested in the second basket ball game so we played settlers at the same time. We enjoyed rootbeer floats for dessert. Competitive spirits really flared during this board game. It ended up with Jesse taking the victory.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Lazy Evening

Not much new today because I was feeling like I might be getting sick. I went shopping to find a pitcher but none of them were what I had in mind. It’s probably not the best idea to go shopping when you don’t feel like spending money :)

I did some preparations for my sushi making party…lots of chopping! So far I have, crab, tuna, cucumber, avocado, carrots, and hard boiled eggs for sushi filling.

Then I watched Larry King Live and hit the sack. I didn’t know it was such a big deal to touch the Queen. I wonder how many things I would get in trouble for if I was a first lady! That’s a scary thought.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fleet Feet Workout

Tonight I went to a Wednesday night workout. Joko and Calina couldn’t come so I knew I wouldn’t have my typical training pals. However, I ended up running the first mile with a guy who I found out ran for Hope. After that I knew I would have to stick on his shoulder seeing as he was from Hope and I was from Calvin. I couldn’t let a Hope guy beat me! We did 4 by 1 mile at 5:50, 5:45, 5:44, and 5:40. It felt good to get the legs moving fast. He also was over 6 feet tall so he was a great wind blocker. Unfortunately, I didn’t get back in time to make it to bible study :(
Good news is that I am having the bible study group over for Sushi Making on Saturday so I will get to see some of them. :)