Thursday, September 30, 2010

still not sure about marathon

Well on Sunday of this week it was a crisp fall day and I was just LOVING the sport of running. I was totally day dreaming about the marathon and I was doing super well in my day dream. Midway through my run a Loyola runner came up to me and started asking me for advice. I ended up running with her back to her campus and then turning around and running home. I enjoyed it.

Then on Monday I also was feeling quite up beat and was 90% sure that I should do the marathon.

Then today I saw that Joan Benoit Samuelson was doing the Chicago Marathon and was planning on running to get the B standard for the trial which would get her a world record in the 50-55 age group for the marathon. Sweet! That is perfect- stick to her 50 year old fast butt! Again feeling pretty sure I should do the marathon.

Then I read that Ryan Hall is not doing the marathon. His reason was that he had had a touch bout of training. His paragraph stating why he was not doing the marathon pretty much summed up why I was thinking I wouldn't- now this made me feel about 50% sure I should race the marathon.

Then I go to the track for 800's and run them all between 2:45-2:50 pace. This is not a good time for me. Coach tells me if he had to make a decision today he would say to delay the marathon. He just thinks something is not quite right. He thinks it isn't adult like to run a race if you aren't completely ready.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jeff is back from New Mexico!

Jeff came into Chicago on his way back from New Mexico. We did a 2 day marriage workshop at my church. It was good but the last day we were ready to get out and be outside. The picture is of Jeff's mountain cake that I made for him for his birthday! I might not see him the following weekend for his birthday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

not sure what to do

Training has not been going well. Although I have been doing a good job of trying to keep my spirits high it's time to really assess what I should do. I honestly don't think I am in the kind of shape i need to be to qualify. If my fitness doesn't come around with the taper I am not sure if I should run Chicago or delay until I feel better. (Oh I didn't post that I pulled my hamstring- that is one of my recent set backs). I will keep you posted to what my Coach and I decide. I really want to do Chicago but if I am not in the shape I need to be than it is stupid to put that kind of stress on your body and have to shoot for another marathon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

almost marathon day!

10-10-10 is approaching quickly! I only really have one week of training left and then it is taper time. I am starting to get nervous. When you train hard for an event you really want to have everything come together. There are a lot of things that are always up in the air- temperature, wind, illness, on day or off name it. Therefore I got to focus on the things that I can control. The most important- my attitude.

Although I am an inexperienced marathoner, I have had a good deal of experience in important races (nationals times 8). What I have learned is that you will run your best when you
a)remember that you have put in the work
b) stay calm
c) be curious and dream big

It's kind of like if you studied super super hard for a test and then went to school and the teacher was like- actually there will be no test. That wouldn't be cool. That's how you have to feel for a race if you are going to do well. In other words- I studied hard for this marathon and I want to be tested! :)

I started to feel a deal of stress about hitting an Olympic Qualifying time and I had to take a step back. If I am going to run well I cannot put pressure on myself instead I have to focused on enjoying my sport and being in the moment and letting the race just happen. Like everything in life- when you work hard and put yourself out there you feel much more since of accomplishment. 10-10-10 I'm ready for you! :)

I look forward to seeing a lot of people cheering and racing on 10-10-10. When I hear a familiar voice cheering or see a friend it is like getting a strong tail's weird but it really propels me forward :) !!

(PS- this was more of a pep talk to myself than anything else)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

chocolate milk, ice, a bath tub and wool socks?

Today was another 3 hour run! Before the marathon last year I had never ran more than 2.5 hours...and I had only run 2.5 hours once! Now I have run several 3 hour long runs. It's a confidence booster to have so many miles under my belt for sure. On my way back from a long run I stop and buy a bag of ice. I then fill a big glass with chocolate milk and stick a straw in it. I then strip down and put on wool socks. I then fill the bath tub with cold water and add the ice. Next I hop in. Then there is usually a scream from the pain of the cold water...the wool socks keep my feet and ankles warm while allowing the rest of my tired muscles to be iced. I then drink my chocolate milk in the freezing tub (an excellent recovery drink). I am sure this is a funny sight (if anyone ever saw me :). And NO I will not be posting pictures :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling better

I am back to running after a couple days of loads of sleep, chicken noodle soup, vitamin D3, vitamin c, Elder Berry name it I took it :)

Monday, September 6, 2010


urg. I am sick. I hate the feeling of being sick. This is also not the best time to get sick as it is close to the marathon! I have to start taking better preventative measures to ensure that I stay healthy!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mom in town

My mom stayed with me over Labor Day weekend. We did LOTS of dress shopping and wedding planning. I have not found the perfect dress but the dress shopping experience was fun. We also saw a comedy show at Second City, got Ethiopian food, explored Andersonville and and Uptown. Oh and well my mom was in town my roommate got engaged! Now we will be wedding planning together :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

good workout

I had my first good workout in WEEKS. I ran a tempo with Jesse (Calvin Alumn from men's team). We ran 8 miles at 6:08 pace. The great thing was that when we stopped at 8 miles I thought I could have easily done a few more miles at that pace! It was a great feeling to run with someone. Thanks Jesse!