Monday, May 16, 2011

The Boat

Today I went down to the marina to help my dad put the boat in. He had been working on the boat all week. We got the boat in and it started right up. I was holding onto the rope and he put the throttle into reverse and the boat starting moving forward. I was pulling back on the road and yelling "stop!!!" He quick cut the engine and tried to go in reverse once more and the boat went forward. "humm.." Then he tried putting it in drive and it went in REVERSE!! When he rewired the boat he got the wires switch HAHA!!! Well, it's going to take a little inside knowledge to drive our boat this season : )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Eugene Marathon

Well yesterday I ran the Eugene marathon. It was a beautiful day and I just had a good feeling when I woke up about the race. When the race started I quickly got into a group with others going for the Olympic trials qualifying time being lead by a nice guy named Sean. We started out conservatively and then got into our rhythm and started to click off the miles. I felt great and it felt so wonderful to have a pack of people working together. When we came through the half marathon we were right on track for a 2:45 (qualifying time is 2:46). I was getting excited. I told myself just be patient and then bring it home those final few miles. However the excitement got to my legs alittle and we dropped the pace a couple seconds. Going through 16 miles I was thinking “only 10 miles! I am going to do this! This is so great!” I saw my dad and I gave him a smile trying to silently communicate “DAD I feel AMAZING!” : ) Then I saw the mile 20 in the distance “sweet! Only 6 miles! I was feeling so confident. Mile 20 was tough but I held on however it was getting Really hard. I told myself to dig down and then I realized that I told my legs to go faster and they did not. I started to feel a little bit of a panic- I didn't want to loose Sean, Kami, and Jenny. All of a sudden my legs felt like they were slapping the ground with each step. The miles seemed to be taking forever. My watch beeped for mile 23 “6:53” NOOO. I reached down and slapped my leg- I am not sure why but I guess I thought it would help- I was pushing so hard but I didn't feel like I was moving- mile 24 “7:00” no. I got a lump in my throat. Coming into the 20 miles I had a little over a minute cushion to get the qualifying time - now I had no time to spare and there was no way my legs were going to run 6:20. Now the question was “can I get these legs that don't feel like they are attached to my body to make it these last 2 miles? One foot in front of the other Christina just one foot in front of the other. How had my goal changed so quickly from Olympic Qualifier to just finishing? It was the longest 2 miles of my life- I entered the stadium and pushed it as hard as I could to the finish (this ended up being 6:40 pace). As soon as I crossed the line I felt my legs starting to buckle but 2 people quickly grabbed me and helped me walk until I had regained a little stability in my legs. Well it was the first time that I have finished a race and people haven't said “looks like you could have kept running” : ). Anyway, I am still digesting the race.
So exiting for the first 21..then so disappointing the last 5...but then so happy that I finished with nothing left....but then so disappointing that my best wasn't good enough..but then happy that it was a 5 minute PR.. Well you know how it's hard to stop analyzing a race : ) One thing that I am certain about is that the I am one lucky girl to have such amazing encouragement and support from friends and family!!
Well...time to move running to the back burner and focus on some other exciting things in my life for awhile : ).....However I can't let this dream go- in a couple months I anticipate I will be starting another 3 month training cycle to give it another try. Why? in a weird way that only runners can understand IT WAS SO FUN!!!