Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Onto another Chapter

After much thought I decided that it’s time to step away from my coach in Chicago and find a local coach. It was a really tough decision because I have had a lot of success under my current coach. However, there is only so much a coach can do from afar and I need to get myself established here in Portland. It is scary to leave what you are used. One thing that I remind myself is that there is more than one way to train successfully. I have had success under all of my coaches: Coach Sloan, Coach Diemer, and Coach Leach. Each coach has their own strengths and with each coach I feel like I have gleaned knowledge and skills that have made me a better athlete and person. I received this note from my Coach: “I have thoroughly enjoyed having you in my coaching life for the past several years and will treasure memories of you personally and your commitment to running and to excellence in everything that you do. I will always welcome any opportunity to provide support for you - please reach out at any time. Best Wishes as you continue to move forward - please keep me posted on your continuing journey.” When I received this email my eyes teared up. It’s always sad when a chapter ends even if you know the next chapter is good as well.
Sorry for the long blogging hiatus! I am going to revamp this blog as I train for my first international competition: The Osaka Marathon!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Visit to Kalamazoo

After a fun weekend in Northern Michigan I visited my grandparents in Kalamazoo. They were great hosts as always and it was great to catch up over some great Cappuccino Shakes made by my grandpa! I spent the night with them and the next day we went to Panera for breakfast before I caught my train back to Chicago